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purdey aug13 web.jpg

As well as the dogs we're also proud owners of three beautiful cats. Pearl (the smallest but definitely the boss when she was younger), photographed above is Purdey (the biggest & youngest, the new boss & always looking for adventure) and Pepsi (17 years old now, but still the hunter and every Summer a definite Sun worshipper). Below are two photos of Pearl. The first was taken when she was a kitten and took a fancy to one of the plants in the garden. The second was taken Summer 08. Pearl is a Blue Spotted British Shorthaired. She has a very friendly nature, loves to greet every visitor. She's now about 13 years old and whilst she always tried to be where the action was when she was younger she is now a bit disabled and stays very close to the house.

pearl in flowers web.JPG


pearls hard day web.JPG

pepsi summer12 web.jpg

Above is a great photo of Pepsi relaxing on a warm Summer's day and below is a rather funny photo of her having squeezed into a pot to go to sleep.It's hard to believe that she fitted into it!

pepsi in pot web.jpg