Mopping up the long tail with Cloud Capture

Although CloudTrade will ensure most suppliers become e-invoice suppliers in the shortest time possible, we are realists. Paper, though greatly reduced, will never be removed completely. Cloud Capture addresses this problem, converting what paper remains into electronic invoices.

The aim of any CloudTrade electronic invoicing programme is to remove as much paper from the finance department as possible.  Our e-invoicing service ensures this becomes a reality as we remove the barriers to supplier adoption, guaranteeing high supplier adoption rates and the maximum numbers of electronic invoices are received.  

However, paper can be stubborn and difficult to remove completely from a business. Therefore a solution is needed to mop up any paper invoices that remain. Our Cloud Capture service is such as solution, converting - what is commonly referred to - the long tail of paper invoices, into electronic invoices. Every organisation using Cloud Capture can chose one of the following models.

Model 1.
Partially Outsourced Managed Service

There are two ways an invoice image file can be received into the Cloud Capture service: 

  • The supplier scans a paper invoice and sends the invoice image to their customer's e-invoice address.
  • Alternatively, if paper invoices continue to be received locally, the receiving organisation (buyer) can scan and upload (either via email or FTP) the invoice image files for processing.

Every image file recieved is processed by our OCR engine, which attempts to identify and capture the required invoice data items.  As OCR acts on the image (e.g. photo) of the invoice (as opposed to our core e-invoicing service which acts on the data layer within a machine generated PDF), the results generated from OCR have to be manually reviewed and validated.  Where this is the case, the results are presented to an operator who will review and amend accordingly, before releasing the invoice to be uploaded into the receiving organisations invoice processing application.  Please note, operators can either be CloudTrade personnel - in partnernship with a leading UK based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisation - or by operators working for the customer.  

Model 2.
Fully Outsourced Managed Service

Alternatively, if you would rather have someone else receive, scan and capture data from your paper invoices on your behalf, no problem.  CloudTrade - in partnership with our UK based BPO partner - offers a fully managerd invoice scan, OCR and capture service.  

Mail can either be routed to a PO Box hosted at our processing centre(s), or sent to the customer’s site where it is re-directed.  All invoices received are processed, with the resultant validated invoice data file delivered to the customer in the same way as every other invoice processed through CloudTrade.