E-invoicing Benefits for Both Sides

E-invoicing can benefit all organisations - irrespective of size and transaction volume

Benefits for the buyer

Reduce costs

Paper is removed from the process. Scanning, keying, storage, manual retrieval or destruction costs are removed from the process.

Electronic invoices are delivered straight into your finance application, providing an opportunity to automate the process and reduce operation costs still further.

Increase processing efficiency

E-invoicing is a foundation element for accounts payable automation. Time, effort and cost are reduced by leveraging technology to automate the traditional manual process.

Increase ability to pay on time

Real time data delivery, increasing the opportunities to pay on time

Increased supplier discounts

Reducing the time to process an invoice increases the opportunities to take early settlement discounts and provides a platform for supply chain finance services such as dynamic discounting

Increase visibility and transparency

Online archive and reporting features ensure the invoice and the full audit trail history can be retrieved within a couple of clicks.

Improve controls

Validation and integrity checks embedded within CloudTrade ensure processing compliance

Reduce carbon footprint

Paper is removed from the business, which helps you and the planet!

Benefits for the supplier

Reduce costs

Removes the need to print an invoice, place in an envelope and post

Real time data delivery

Real time data delivery ensures e-invoices are received within seconds of being sent, providing opportunities for automated and more efficient processing

Get paid faster

Real time delivery of electronic invoice data provides automation opportunities for your customer – which results in quicker processing and increases the chance for on time payment

Reduce carbon footprint

Paper removed from the business which helps you and the planet!

Increase visibility & control

Guaranteed delivery with full audit trail and daily reports

Enhance trading relationships

Buyers get significant benefit from electronic trading, which can't be bad for your trading relationships!