Remove Manual Entry - Receive Orders Direct Into Your Processing Application

Remove Manual Entry - Receive Orders Direct Into Your Processing Application

Do you receive large amounts of orders - or other business documents - by paper, fax or email? Are orders being manually entered into your sales order processing application? If this describes your organisation, then CloudTrade can help!

Our unique, non-intrusive approach ensures the greatest number of orders - and other business documents - are received electronically direct into your processing environment, saving you time, money and the planet!

Remove paper and automate!

As most purchasing applications can automatically generate and send orders via email, this approach is a popular and low cost way for your customers to send orders to you and go paper free. Unfortunately however, most receiving organisations still have to manually enter the details into the sales order processing application.

CloudTrade solves this problem for you.  Orders received via email (PDF, Word, XLS, HTML, etc) are automatically converted into electronic orders, ready to be automatically uploaded into you sales order processing application.

savings achieved by removing paper and receiving electronic PDF and XML orders direct into your application

How it Works

    • Send. The receiving organisation simply asks their customers to email PDF orders.  This functionality is out of the box with almost all purchasing systems and is the preferred way to order for the majority of organisations.  
    • Process.  CloudTrade's patent pending technology, takes advantage of the data layer within the PDF (and other documents such as word, HTML, etc), so that upon receipt of the order, the document is automatically converted into an e-order structure, validated and passed to the receivers sales order processing environment. 

    From experience, more 90% of organisations when asked will email PDF orders to their suppliers. 

    For the remaining customers, we also accommodate document formats such as XML, EDI, HTML and provide a Cloud based OCR service for those who are unable to move away from paper.

    But its not just about orders and invoices.  CloudTrade processes any and all business documents.  Whether you wish to convert payment advice notes into e-documents to facilitate automate allocation of cash, or convert contractor time sheets into an e-document to allow your time recording application to be updated, CloudTrade can help.  

      Simple to set up and use, with no disruption to your trading partners.  CloudTrade provides a pain free way to move from paper to data that benefits both sides of the trading relationship.