Quick, Simple, Supplier Adoption of Electronic Invoicing

Suppliers like our approach as its non-intrusive: they don't have to change their systems to send XML or EDI; they don't have to log onto a 3rd party portal and they don't have to install any software. Buyers like our service because of the results: more paper removed in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing service provider.

How do we convert suppliers from paper to e-invoicing by their very next invoice?

supplier e-invoicing on boarding methodology

Supplier On-Boarding: Week 1

1. Collect supplier contact details We agree the suppliers that you'd like to receive electronic invoices from - which may vary depending on type of spend, invoice volume and strategic importance.  As a guide we typically aim to target those that deliver at least 80% of your invoice volume, as this will provide the biggest benefit to you.  Some suppliers will already be transacting on our network. Some will be new to us. If the Cloud Capture service is also adopted, contact details for all suppliers will be collected, with the acceptance that some of the long tail of suppliers will not be pro-actively targeted for e-invoicing and may require our OCR service to process.  
2. Issue supplier communication Details of your suppliers will be uploaded into our Fast-Track on-boarding tool, which allows us to distribute and track all supplier communication (the wording of which is signed off by you).  The communication that is sent to the supplier outlines the service, what is being asked of the supplier, the benefits for them and the benefits for you their customer, as well as the details of the invoice submission options available. Your e-invoice email address is provided in the communication, allowing suppliers to send their very next invoice to you. 
3. Configure supplier on network Although the communication that is issued to the supplier will detail various invoice submission options, the majority of suppliers will simply want to email PDF invoices to you. For most, this approach will be out of the box in their finance application and their genuine preferred way to invoice.   Because of the speed by which we are able to set up new suppliers on the CloudTrade Network, we configure a new supplier in semi-real time - as soon as the first invoice is received from them.  Once configured, every subsequent invoice will be received direct into your finance application within 2 - 3 minutes of the supplier sending. 

Supplier On-Boarding: Week 2 - 8

4. Follow Up                                           We'd be lying if we said every supplier that receives a request from you to send electronic invoices, will do so without further chasing. Unfortunately this is not the case.  Out of 10 suppliers that receive the initial correspondence, 2 or 3 will start sending PDF invoices via email without further prompting.  7 or 8 will require further communication - which in the first instance will be automatically distributed from our Fast-Track supplier on-boarding tool.  We are however, realists - with years of experience in the art of supplier on-boarding. Often it requires a gentle nudge with a phone call, before the supplier starts transacting.  If required, we will do this on your behalf. 

Our non-intrusive e-invoicing service and approach to supplier on-boarding, delivers results. >90% of the suppliers you ask us to on-board, will be trading electronically within 8 weeks. Guaranteed! 

More suppliers will be e-invoicing in a shorter time than any other service proivder


For a copy of our supplier on-boarding methodology, please contact us - we are happy to share.