CloudTrade Removes the Barriers to E-invoicing

Simply put, we will remove more paper from your organisation in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing service provider. Let us show you how.

Traditional e-invoicing services create barriers that impact supplier adoption 

Supplier adoption is key to a successful e-invoicing project. The more suppliers that move away from paper, the greater the benefits for your organisation.

The problem with most service providers is that they only offer two main ways for suppliers to send electronic invoices.  

1. Direct Integration

XML and EDI files sent direct from finance application

High volume suppliers are asked to send an XML, EDI or a similar document straight from their billing system. 


2. Invoice Portal

Invoice Portals allow invoice creation and submission for small businessesAt the low volume end, e-invoice service providers will often provide a portal for suppliers to create and send their invoices.

By only offering these two invoice submission options, most of your suppliers will be faced with a number of barriers that will stop the majority from sending electronic invoices to you.

  • Technical barrier impacting supplier adoption
    Is the supplier willing to change their billing application and infrastructure to send XML or EDI invoices to you?
  • Process barrier impacting supplier adoption
    Is the supplier willing to log onto a portal to submit their invoice? If they already raise their invoice in a finance application , why would they want to duplicate their effort?
  • Cost barrier impacting supplier adoption
    Is the supplier willing to invest the time, effort and resource needed to change their systems to send XML or EDI - or even pay for the privilege of sending their invoice to you (which is what some service providers demand!)

Almost all e-invoice and e-trading service providers fail to offer a solution that addresses the 'massive middle' - suppliers that are either too small to justify a change to their billing system to send XML or EDI, or too large to use a bespoke invoice portal.

e-invoicing suppliers typically don't address a large chunk of suppliers

As a result, only a small number of your suppliers will submit their invoices electronically and the paper mountain will remain.

CloudTrade converts more suppliers to e-invoicing - and in a shorter time frame - than any other service provider

multi channel invoice submission options ensure 100% e-invoicing coverage

3. Email PDF Invoices

PDF invoicing is the easiest way to invoice for most suppliers

CloudTrade provides a 3rd option and the easiest way for a supplier to send electronic invoices - without having to change systems or infrastructure.  Almost every finance application can generate an invoice as a PDF file - most can also automatically send the PDF to the customer via email.  When a PDF is generated by an application, in almost all instances it will be a text PDF, with the invoice data items carried directly within the PDF.  CloudTrade takes advantage of this and maps the invoice data direct from the PDF to an e-invoice structure.  No OCR, which means 100% data accuracy. 

For most suppliers, emailing their invoices to you is their preferred way to invoice.  As a result, when asking a supplier to move away from paper and onto e-invoicing, the barriers to adoption are removed. 

  • Technical barrier is removed
    We don't ask suppliers to change their billing systems or infrastructure to send XML or EDI documents. 
  • Process barrier is removed
    We don't ask suppliers to duplicate their invoicing activity and log onto a portal to submit their invoice.
  • Cost barrier is removed
    No investment is needed to change systems and we certainly don't charge them for the privilege of sending their invoice to you! 

We simply take advantage of tools every organisation already uses every day - email and PDF!

As a result, more suppliers move away from paper and the paper mountain is removed!

100 percent electronic invoicing coverage with multi channel invoice submission

... and its quicker! For most suppliers their very next invoice to you will be an e-invoice - which means the benefits can be realised in a shorter time frame.

high supplier adoption in a short time frame