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Drowning in invoices - AP Departments unable to cope

Published: January 2015. Drowning in invoices - AP Departments unable to cope. The 2014 AP Automation Study by The Institute of Financial Operations (IFO) found that AP operations are dealing with increasing volumes of invoices. This signals improvements in revenue which is great news for businesses and a recovering economy. But it isn’t all good news .. Read more

Local Government embraces SME friendly e-invoicing

Published December 2014. The limited use of SMEs by local government has for many years been flagged as a problem. In a bid to increase the use of SMEs, UK government and the European parliament have introduced initiatives to make it easier for SMEs to do business with the public sector but only by embracing SME friendly e-invoicing. Read more

26 is a magic number

Published October 2014. CloudTrade are able to on-board new suppliers to their e-invoicing platform in only 26 minutes is this Magic or an everyday occurrence? Read more

IFO Study confirms the demise of the paper invoice.

Published: August 2014. The Institute of Financial Operations has released its 2014 Order-to-Cash (O2C) Automation Study which shows that email is now the most common channel used for BTB transactions, and that an increasing number of organizations are moving towards e-invoicing. What should they be aware of? Read more

CloudTrade Clears Invoice Mountain for

Published: July 2014. is a leading online-only source of control products for HVAC, building automation and lighting control and buys from hundreds of vendors and process multiple invoices. They employ a small team of people to process their invoices, but as the business has grown the number of invoices has become unmanageable for their team to deal with. Despite working overtime, the backlog continued to grow and with the company coming in to the peak summer months there was an urgent need to find a solution. Read more

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