Colchester Borough Council automates processing of 20,000 invoices per year with Advanced Cloud Invoicing

Colchester Borough Council has gone live with the first phase of a project to implement Advanced Cloud Invoicing, an eInvoicing solution from Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced), to process up to 20,000 invoices each year and powered by CloudTrade technology. Read more

Canadian North Airlines utilises e-invoicing solution that guarantees 100% data accuracy

Published 19 January 2015: CloudTrade and EchoVera Inc. announce their exciting partnership to provide Canadian North Airlines with an e-invoicing solution that will provide 100% accuracy for its invoice processing. Read more

Aberdeen City Council to make significant savings per year with cloud invoicing solution from Advanced

Aberdeen City Council (Aberdeen) is anticipating significant cost savings per annum by implementing Cloud Invoicing, a hosted eInvoicing solution from Advanced Business Solutions (Advanced) and powered by CloudTrade technology. Read more

PayStream Advisors:CloudTrade, Creativity, and an AP Transformation

Published by PayStream Advisors August 2014: They discuss the case study and how the CloudTrade technology eliminated a backlog of invoices in only three weeks .. Read How. Read more

Treasury Today: E-invoicing growing, but onboarding obstacle remains

Published in Treasury Today: July 2014. More companies are expressing an interest in e-invoicing than ever before. But is adoption being held back by the practice of charging suppliers for the invoices that they send? Read more

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