About CloudTrade

CloudTrade provides the easiest way to remove paper from your business and exchange electronic documents between your customers and suppliers.

CloudTrade was established to address one of the main challenges the founders were experiencing in the e-invoicing and e-trading market, that being:  how to move the maximum number of trading partners onto electronic document delivery in the shortest possible time frame - and without disrupting the supply chain!

We achieve this using our patent pending e-document service.

Founded in 2010 by a team with over 25 years experience of the e-invoice, document processing and purchase to pay markets, the founders have first- hand experience of the challenges faced by an organisation when asking suppliers and customers to move away from paper and start sending electronic invoices and orders.

CloudTrade was established to address these challenges. By removing the need for software, technical or process change, CloudTrade removes the barriers to adoption and usage.